slot machines in bars

How to win at slot machines in bars

So how can I win in slot machines? The current slot machines have the most advanced technology and control and prevention systems to avoid fraud, cheating, etc., so it is very difficult to cheat or trick them to win the prize.

But there are some bar slot machines games, which have some trick to get the maximum or highest prize of the game. Know them. 

2.1.- Trick game Vagoneta slot machine Treasure of Java.

This machine in the upper part offers the game of the Wagon, which consists of choosing the way that you want to follow until arriving to the prize. When you start the game, 4 destinations appear, each one with a prize to be won, which then hides them. The trick is to choose the destination with the highest prize, since it only hides the prizes but does not change their location. In this way, you will always get the highest prize. 

2.2.- Trick game Bison slot machine On the Rocks.

This machine in the upper part offers the Bison game, which consists in choosing between 4 Bison, which one do you want to hunt. When you start the game, 4 Bison and 4 prizes appear, which are then hidden. The trick of this game is to choose the Bison that moves his head, only one moves his head, and always contains the highest prize of the 4 that appeared at the beginning.

2.3.- Trick game Sheep slot machine La Granja.

Sheep slot machine La Granja

Like the previous ones, this machine in the top game offers the game of the Sheep, which consists of choosing the path that the Sheep must follow, until it reaches the prizes, which are shown at the beginning of the game and then it hides them. As it happens with the Wagon game in the Java Treasure machine, the prizes are hidden but not moved, so if you choose the path where the highest prize was at the beginning, you will win the highest prize of the game.

Tricks to win in bar slot machines.

As we have already told you in this post, the current slot machines are technologically very advanced and cheating or deceiving them is almost impossible, but there are simple and easy tricks to play that will help you to win in bar slot machines.

Get to know and learn how to play slot machines.

In general, all slot machines have very similar technology systems to play the game, and therefore the prize systems are similar. Learn and know how are the winning plays and the probabilities to get them. In this way, you will not make mistakes when choosing the prizes, combinations, etc. that will allow you to win.

How to play and the price of the bet.

Most of the machines allow you to choose, to play in the games of the lower part or in the upper part, for which, you will need to have previously obtained game bonuses, or to choose the level of bet or price of the game, among three levels, low, medium or high, (generally 0,20€, 0,60€ or 1€) allowing the higher the price of bet to obtain the highest prizes.

If you want to get the biggest jackpots or prizes, generally €500, you will need to play games of €1.

Choose your bet according to the time and money you want to spend on your slot machine.

Learn and know the machine.

Each slot machine model has a game and most importantly, a predefined way of paying the prizes. Knowing if the machine concentrates the payment of high prizes, or has a greater dispersion of prizes, will help you to be able to win more, if you manage to play in the moments that the machine concentrates the payment of prizes.

Know the percentage of prizes.

As we have already mentioned, in general, each machine is obliged by law (gaming regulations) to pay a minimum of 70% in prizes, but some machine models are designed to pay higher percentages, such as 80% or 85% in prizes. Knowing which machine models pay more in prizes will help you to win more when playing in them.

Always play on the same machine.

Always play on the same machine

Since a machine must pay a minimum of 70%, if you always play the same machine, the probability or option of winning a prize will be higher. Although the fact of playing in several machines may lead you to get the prize in the same ones. Since you cannot know when a machine is going to pay the prize, chance will always be your ally to win in a machine.

Collect and win.

As a recommendation, always play for fun, and not more than the money you have previously thought of spending. To have fun should be the objective of playing in a slot machine, and to have the illusion of winning money. If you have won the prize, and you win money at that moment, it is a good option, collect and win. Another day you can continue with your moments of leisure and fun in your favorite machine.

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