High and low volatility in slots


One of the most important yet often overlooked features of online slot games is their volatility. Volatility is used to describe the risk of losing a bet. In other words, it suggests how often and how much the slot game pays out on average. o, some slots offer smaller but regular winnings and others pay big wins spread apart for a longer amount of time. 

According to its volatility, all slot games (the virtual and real ones) can have high, medium, or low volatility.  The higher the volatility, the less frequent the wins are, but the wins will typically be on the higher side. The low volatility slots offer smaller payouts that are frequent. 



Another important feature of slots is called Return to Player rate, which represents how much the slot pays back on average. However, since both indicators represent information about payouts, the RTP says nothing about their frequency. And there is no answer to the question, of which slots are better. It depends on the gambling strategy of the player and his money management. 

Even though slots with low volatility seem to be less exciting than machines with attractive jackpots, they deliver steadier payout and are therefore more “stable”. Gambling in slots with high volatility requires a higher budget, more time, and more patience. These “high-risk” slots rarely pay but they can give players big jackpots. The medium volatility slots make a fine compromise between these categories and are therefore very popular.



The life of the gambler would be much easier if all online casinos displayed this indicator for each slot game they provide. Moreover, the most modern casinos and even very popular ones as National Casino New Zealand tend to disclose this parameter to players. To determine the volatility of slot games it is possible to Google search the slot title for more details, try out the game to understand the tendency, or analyze the slot. 

So, slots with higher RTP rates are less volatile than slots with lower RTPs. And the slot games that provide many big bonuses also have a higher slot variance. To try out, if the slot game pays out more or less often, try to play a demo version of the game for free. However, if you play popular slot games from famous developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming, you can easily find their volatility on the Internet.


It is important to remember that the volatility indicator just shows the average. So, gambling in a slot with low volatility may lead to a huge payout. However, volatility is a quite reliable indicator that helps you to estimate future possible risks and payouts. If you are a recreational player with a lower gambling budget, you should try out the slot game with low volatility. If you find the idea to win the jackpot appealing and are ready to gamble for a long time without any rewards, you should think about slots with high volatility. And slots with medium volatility are perfect for you if you want to find an average, comfortable variant. And don’t forget, that as important volatility can be, the most important thing about slots is if it is appealing to you or not.

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