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Myths and legends of how to win at bar slot machines

Popular sayings, myths, legends, tricks… How much is true or uncertain. How many are true or simply false.

The temperature of the machine, the sound of the coin falling, stepping on the wire, the gambling of oriental citizens, and several others. I do not know what is true and what is not. We tell you all of them.

4.1.- Cold or hot coins. Playing with coins or bills.

Did you know that playing with cold coins the machine detects more weight in the coins and gives the prize? Haven’t you heard this trick to win the jackpot in a slot machine? Well, I have to tell you that it is false, it doesn’t matter if you play with cold or hot coins, with bills or coins, with small or big coins, the probability of paying the prize depends on the game program in the B type machines of the bars, programmed machines, or on the probability of combinations of rolls and figures in the slot machines, casino machines.

Let us continue the game.

4.2.- The trick of the letters. The Zigzag of the figures of the rollers.

If you manage to see that the figures of the special (the sevens, the bells, the BAR,…) make a Y or a Z in the rollers, playing 10 games gives the prize because they are placed in the winning line. This myth or legend is false, there is no exact sequence that allows to guess what is the next combination, so I am sorry to tell you that this trick is not true.

Each roll is a different opportunity, a unique bet, it does not depend on the previous or the next one. 

Let’s continue with the game.

4.3.- The temperature of the slot machine.

The temperature of the slot machine

You have heard the saying “the machine is hot” or put your ear or face on the screen of the machine to check its temperature.

The reality is that in general all machines have the same temperature, they can only be affected by the ambient temperature of the room where it is installed, or if it is installed in an area where it is affected by the jet of heat or cold from the air conditioning or similar. So this myth or legend is false, the temperature does not affect the probability that the next play or coin will be the one with which you will get the jackpot or the special.

Let’s go for the pot.

4.4.- Playing with the start lever or with the play button.

Pulling hard on the lever always gives more prize than the start button. Hitting the button hard gives more force to the reels than if you press it softer.

These are false legends or popular myths, both the button and the lever, when pressed, start the game by turning the reels, at the same game, without having any effect on the game program to get the jackpot.

Let’s continue with the game.

4.5.- Game of oriental citizens.

The “Chinese” always get the special one. They know a trick that they don’t tell us. Laughter. In the extensive Chinese, they have very rooted in their culture and customs, the game, they are passionate about the game. We in Spain say that we are from bars and that’s not why we get drunk every day (which could be the special thing about going to the bar). It is true that if I go to the bar every day, and I get together with my friends and we each order beer for everyone, I am more likely to get drunk than the person who does not go to the bars.

This is what “Chinese luck” is all about. Because of their fondness for gambling, they play more often and for larger amounts than many other gamblers, so their probability of winning the prize is higher. The more I play, the greater the probability of winning the game. So it is a false belief or myth that they have a trick to win, it is simply probability.

Let’s continue with the game.

4.6.- Stepping on the cable or remote control.

Stop stepping on the cable or step on the cable to get the special. You have a remote control under the bar that when you hit it the prize comes out. Laughter again.

The legislation of the machines is perfectly defined how a machine has to be manufactured and its game system and its prize program are approved. This program is perfectly closed without the possibility of manipulation. No machine can be manipulated with remote control or radio frequencies, it is a false myth.

Let’s go for the jackpot.

4.7.- At what time does the jackpot pay.

At what time does the jackpot pay

At night they always pay the big prizes, in the morning they only pay small prizes. This expression or popular saying is not true, a machine pays according to its program of prizes, without paying attention if it is night or day, or if it is hot or cold, it only depends on its program and that we have the luck or chance that the winning play touches us.

Let’s continue with the game.

4.8.- The machine is already hot.

I have played a lot and I already have the machine hot, it is about to pay the special. Do you think it is true is myth or legend? I am sorry to tell you that it is not true, a machine does not pay the special for having played a lot, it will only attend to its game program and the obligation to comply with the minimum percentage of prizes, which in general is 70% of the game. The jackpot can be won with one coin or with many, a matter of luck or chance. It is true that the greater the number of games played, the greater the probability of getting the winning game or play.

 Let’s continue with the game.

4.9.- If you have already paid a prize, you do not pay any more.

It has just given a high prize, it does not pay any more prizes. The answer could be, this legend is not true, or also, this myth is true.

If we play a lot, it may pay the prize or not, because in the same way, if it has paid a prize, it may not pay or it may pay high prizes. It is only a matter of luck, of the prize program, and above all of the fulfillment of the minimum percentage of payments or prizes of the machine. It can also affect the volatility of the machine. What is the volatility of a slot machine? It is the probability that a machine has to pay prizes, the payout frequency and the amount of them. Thus, a high volatility machine has the characteristics of giving less prizes but of higher amount, and on the contrary, a low volatility slot machine, of more prizes but of lower amounts.

Let’s go for the space.

4.10.- To become rich with the slots or to live from them.

Not for being the last, less important. It is true that playing in slot machines you can have the chance to win money, a lot of money, especially if we talk about casino slot machines, with progressive prizes. Did you know that a citizen of Finland, in a game with a simple bet of 25 cents, got the special jackpot and won a prize of almost 18 million? True, but you are more likely to win the Christmas lottery than to repeat this stroke of luck.

The player who presses the play button on any bar gaming machine, according to gambling studies, will win a prize, of any winning combination, in 2 out of 10 of the plays, so in 80% of the times he will not get prizes, and in 20% he will get smaller or bigger payouts.

Playing to win, is a great attraction in the slot machines and let’s not fool ourselves, we all like to win and in the game of course, but we recommend that the game in the slot machines is a game of leisure, of fun, a moment to enjoy with the games.

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