The sports betting bonus

The sports betting bonus

At almost every betting provider, new customers start with a sports betting bonus. Even among experts, the effect of bonuses is hotly disputed. Two completely different opinions clash. 

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Some betting enthusiasts see the bonus as useful and sensible to make a risk-free start and push the bankroll at the same time. The opponents of the betting bonuses see in the offers only a trick of the bookmakers, with which the own money is to be bound. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. According to our experience, the sports betting bonus can be quite helpful and useful – as long as it is fair and reputable.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to the different bonus models in more detail and at the same time explain to you which pitfalls you have to watch out for.

The deposit bonus – the match bonus

The classic is the match bonus. The majority of bookmakers in Central Europe rely on this variant. The basis for the bonus is your own deposit. The betting provider then pushes this deposit with a percentage X. The best offers are 100% deposit bonuses, meaning that your own capital is doubled.

As a rule, a minimum deposit of ten euros is required. Some bookies also set a value of 20 euros as qualifying. We recommend every user to read the terms and conditions carefully beforehand. Furthermore, it may be that some transfer methods are explicitly excluded in terms and conditions. Often, for example, Skrill by Moneybookers, Neteller, the Paysafecard or Ukash do not count as relevant for the bonus.

The activation of the welcome bonus is usually done with one click during the deposit process. A classic bonus code only needs to be used very rarely.

The qualification

The qualification

Not all bookies post the sports betting bonus immediately. With some betting providers, for example, a one-time own money turnover is necessary before the bonus is actually ready for use. In most cases, this requirement must be met within seven days.

The rollover

The subsequent play-through conditions are decisive for the quality of the bonuses. In the first place, the rollover factor must be mentioned, which describes the rollovers of the starting capital. According to our experience, a three-fold rollover of deposit and bonus is to be considered outstanding. Specifically, this means that with a 100% match bonus of 100 euros, a rollover of 600 euros must be shown before the first withdrawal of winnings is possible.

A second essential point in free spins is the prescribed minimum betting odds. The best bookies act here with very moderate specifications. A betting odds of 1.5 is excellent, the serious range is up to 2.0. What is important here is whether the total odds of the combinations are recognized or whether the odds guideline only applies to solo tips.

An exception at this point is the Austrian bookmaker dino Bwin. The betting provider completely waives a betting odds requirement in its terms and conditions.

The third factor is the time window. Within what period of time do the turnover requirements have to be fulfilled? According to our experience, 60 or 90 days are completely sufficient to clear a sports betting bonus. The German soccer specialist Tipico stands out positively in our evaluation. The bookie completely dispenses with a time window.

These three details form an overall picture of the sports betting bonus. In our opinion, the ideal new customer bonus looks like this:

  • Bonus: 100% up to 100 euros
  • Qualification: none
  • Rollover: 3x own money, 3x bonus amount
  • Minimum odds: 1,5
  • Time window: 90 days

The virtual bonus

It should be noted that with some bookmakers the sports betting bonus itself is not available for use, i.e. it is only posted virtually. The entire turnover requirements must be made from your own money. The disadvantage of this variant is that the customer does not actually have higher betting opportunities.

The advantage is that money can be added at any time to continue working on the rollover conditions.

The promo cash – the free bet

The second form of the new customer bonus is the free bet, called promo cash in the technical language. The decisive factor here is not the amount of the first deposit – with very few exceptions – but the value of the first tip. This must be made under very specific conditions. At this point, the bookmaker prescribes the minimum betting odds and sometimes also the betting markets.

In return, the new player receives his free bet as a welcome gift. Normally, this is a 100% promo cash. The value of the free bet is identical to the amount wagered on the qualifying bet. It is not relevant whether the first betting slip wins or loses. The free bet is paid out in any case.

The promo cash itself can then be freely wagered on a sports bet of your choice. It should be noted that the stake always remains the property of the bookmaker. In case of success, only the net profit is transferred to the player’s account. For example, if you successfully wager ten euros at a betting odds of 3.0, you will “only” receive 20 euros and not 30 euros.

The advantage of this sports betting bonus is that new customers do not have to struggle through lengthy turnover requirements. The disadvantage is that the possible net winnings are relatively meager.

It is important to note that the winnings from the free bet are not subject to any further turnover conditions. If the customer has to play through his winnings another x times, it slowly becomes unserious according to our experience.

The cashback – the betting insurance

The cashback

The cashback offers of the betting providers work identically to the promo cash – with one crucial exception. The free bet is credited to the new customer only if he loses the first own betting tip. If the first betting slip wins, the user is virtually left empty-handed in terms of the bonus.

Otherwise, the general conditions of the betting insurance are completely identical to the “normal” free bets. Currently, the cashbacks are used very little by bookmakers in the new customer segment. The best offer in this segment has the Swedish betting provider Expekt on the screen. With the Scandinavians, the first tip is insured at 100% up to 100 euros.

The betting bonus without deposit

A special form of welcome gift is, of course, the sports betting bonus without deposit. A few bookies book their customers a free real money balance directly after registration. Of course, no company in this world has any money to give away. The no-deposit bonuses therefore turn out rather meager in practice. It should be noted that the rollover requirements at this point are usually designed to be a bit more demanding than the normal welcome bonus.

According to our experience, the sports betting bonus without deposit is primarily suitable for some risk-free test bets. The free spins conditions will only very, very rarely be completely fulfilled.

Conclusion: The deposit bonuses are most customer-friendly

The betting bonus comparison shows very clearly that the match bonuses come out on top in the rating – and rightly so. The new customers have the highest flexibility with a classic sports betting bonus, which is based on their own deposit. The free spinning can be postponed if necessary. Users can wait stress-free until the desired betting odds appear on the screen. In the best case, the sports betting bonus can be rolled purely from the winnings earned, symbolically with the bookmaker’s money.

With the free bets, on the other hand – but which can also have their appeal – the new customer is bound to exact rules and regulations directly with the first tip. Many beginners feel somewhat overwhelmed at this point. In our experience, the cashbacks are not really ideal, as they leave the winners of the first bet out in the cold.

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